Search Results

Search Results

After you submit your search query, you will be directed to the Search Results page.

Search Results

At first glance, you will be able to see the following pieces of information about each device record that meets your search criteria:

  • Brand Name (1)
  • Primary Device Identifier (2)
  • Device Description (3)
  • Company Name (4)
  • Version or Model (5)
If you click on the plus expand button, you will be able to view additional information about the device, including:
  • Device Identifiers (6)
  • Sizes/Measurements (7)
  • GMDN Preferred Terms (8)
To view the full set of information about a device, click the Primary Device Identifier/Brand Name link, and you will be brought to the Device Info page for that particular device. A full list of definitions for the GUDID fields is available here.

Ordering Results

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You can change the order in which the results are displayed by clicking the Sort By button and choosing your preferred ordering. The orders available are:

  • Relevance (The default order, by most relevant according to the search engine)
  • Company Name (A-Z)
  • Company Name (Z-A)
  • Brand Name (A-Z)
  • Brand Name (Z-A)

Filtering Results

Search Filtering

Once you have entered your query and gotten your results, you can pare them down using the filters provided. There are eight different categories you can filter by:

  • Company Name
  • Brand Name
  • GMDN Term
  • FDA Product Code Name
  • FDA Product Code
  • Device Packaged as Sterile
  • Sterilization Prior To Use
  • Issuing Agency

To filter by a particular term, click on an Inactive Filter, and this will turn it into an Active Filter. When a filter is activated, the results will then be refreshed to show only devices that have that filter's value. To make the Active Filter an Inactive Filter, click on the remove X link. You may filter the results set as many times as you wish using these filter categories.

Search Filtering

If you wish to hide the filters, you may hide them with the Filters button. To show them, press the button again.

Results Per Page

Search Page Size

If you wish to change the number of results per page, you can press the Results Per Page button and select the desired number of results per page.

Navigating Results

Search Pagination

If you wish to go to the Next or Previous page, hit the > or < buttons, respectively. If you know which page you want to go to, select the page number from the Page Dropdown and you will be sent to that page of the results.

Exporting Results

Visit the help page for Exporting Results for more information on the export functionality.