Importing Delimited Device Files Into Microsoft Excel

Importing Delimited Device Files Into Microsoft Excel

The Pipe-Delimited | device files provide a relational view of the device record data. These files can be imported into a spreadsheet program for easier reading and interaction.


Be aware of the file size and row limitations of the software you are attempting to import the files into. For information on limitations, look at the software's official documentation


The following directions are for Microsoft Excel 2013, but similar actions can be taken in different versions of Excel or other spreadsheet programs.
  1. Open a new Excel Book.
  2. Open a new Worksheet.
  3. Open the Data Tab in the ribbon, click the From Text button, and choose the file you wish to import.
    Open File
  4. Select Delimited and check My data has headers. Click Next.
    Delimited with Headers
  5. In the Delimiters section, Uncheck Tab and check Other and type |. Click Next.
    pipe | delimited
  6. For each column you wish to import, choose the appropriate Column data format (For example, the Primary DI would be Text format). Click Finish.
    Data types
  7. Select Existing Worksheet with value =$A$1. Click OK.
    Existing Worksheet
  8. Repeat from step 2 for each file you wish to import.