Device Lookup API

GET /devices/snomed

Returns a single device's associated SNOMED information in XML or JSON. A device identifier and a UMLS single-use ticket are required to receive a response.

Resource Information

format URL


Either a di, udi, or a record_key must be provided.
parameter type description
ticket String The single-use ticket used to access UMLS. A valid ticket is required.
Example Value: ST-210847-HwTfbMTY100CWNe2owFF-cas

For information on how to generate a single-use ticket, please see the page on Generating UMLS Tickets.
di String The Device Identifier string unique to a specific device
udi String The full Unique Device Identifier string for a device

This calls and uses the Parse UDI API and returns the parsed UDI information.
The UDI parameter should be percent-encoded.
record_key String The unique Public Device Record Key string for a device



  concepts: [
      snomedCTName: "Drug-eluting coronary artery stent, non-bioabsorbable-polymer-coated (physical object)",
      snomedIdentifier: 700516001

XML: GET with UDI>014032%3D%7D013032%26%2C1000000000000XYZ123

  <concepts type="array">
        Drug-eluting coronary artery stent, non-bioabsorbable-polymer-coated (physical object)
      <snomedIdentifier type="integer">700516001</snomedIdentifier>
    <expirationDate type="date">2014-02-01</expirationDate>
    <manufacturingDate type="date">2013-02-01</manufacturingDate>